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  1. A Simple Guide to Mapping Data on VOSviewer by Maleeha Latif, Asif Altaf, Muhammad Ajmal Khan (New)
  2. Systematic (Literature) Review by Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood (NEW)
  3. Role of Information Professionals in Promoting Research Culture
    in Universities 
    by Prof.Dr. Khalid Mahmood (NEW) 
  4. Import Full-text Endnote Libraries in to your DSpace Institutional Repository , Installation files + Manual by Rana Muhammad Iqbal (NEW) 
  5. Innovations in Saudi university libraries  by Prof.Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  6. Mixed Methods Research 
  7. Publish your Research by Dr. Khalid Mahmood  
  8. Searching and Finding Information Sources by Dr. Khalid Mahmood 
  9. Evaluating Information Sources by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  10. Critical Reading by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  11. Analyzing and Synthesizing Information by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  12. Writing and Presenting Literature Review by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  13. Citing Sources by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  14. Avoiding Plagiarism by Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  15. HEC Recognized Journals Published in Pakistan
  16. Classification Scheme for Islam, Literature, Pakistan by Quad-e-Azam Library 
  17. APA Style Presentation by Dr Khalid  Mahmood
  18. MARC Presentation by Dr Khalid Mahmood
  19. Manual of Library Automation by Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Nadeem Siddique and Naveed ul Haq hashmi
  20. Discussion on Open Source ILS vs Off-the-Shelf ILS on plagpk
  21. MARC Tags Used in Koha
  22. Open Source ILS : Affordability, Democracy, Transparency, Freedom by Rana Muhammad Iqbal
  23. Information Systems Presentation by Muhammad Ajmal Khan
  24. Digital, Hybrid & Virtual Libraries By Muhammad Ajmal khan
  25. Copyright and Book Piracy in Pakistan by Dr Khalid Mahmood
  26. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Libraries by Dr Khalid Mahmood
  27. ICT Skills for LIS Professionals by Dr Khalid Mahmood
  28. Information Literacy Instruction in Libraries by Dr Khalid Mahmood
  29. Rural Development in Pakistan Through Multipurpose Community Telecenters
  30. Practical Model of Resource Sharing in the Libraries of Lahore 
  31. Use of Electronic Resources in Research
  32. Job Interview Preparations by Muhammad Ramzan
  33. Qualitative research workshop by Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood 

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